Zoku Ice Pop Makers

Are you concerned about the sugar content in your store bought popsicles? Why not make your own healthy fruit or yogurt popsicles the easy way for your kids or grandkids. Check out these Zoku ice pop makers that freeze in minutes. Just keep your container in the freezer ready to go anytime you want


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Wildly Delicious Tasting June 15th

Please join us June 15th from 2PM - 4PM to taste a selection of our Wildly Delicious product offerings. We'll be serving up some great tasters and offering 10% off the items that you taste. 

Available for tasting from Wildly Delicious on June 15th:  


Applewood and Hickory Smoked BBQ

Applewood and Hickory smoked BBQ

Big, smoky flavour and impossibly addictive. Our number one selling product needs to reside in your pantry because if smoky BBQ is your thing, this sauce will be the only one you will ever use. Please use responsibly.

Peri Peri

Peri Peri

Peri Peri Sauce is a 2012 sofi awards finalist outstanding cooking sauce for flavor enhancer.

Bring the authentic taste of Portugal to your table. Using traditional African Birds Eye chilies and lemon our Peri Peri sauce is the perfect spicy ingredient for true Portuguese grilled chicken.




Chimichurri sauce transports you instantly to Argentina, where this traditional condiment is a national favourite. Chimichurri is a mélange of fresh cilantro, parsley, garlic, chilli, oil, and vinegar. This fragrant condiment is served on tables all across South America and Europe as a steak sauce. Also makes a great marinade!




Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

Re-create this rich, velvety, Indian restaurant favourite at home or try a modern spin on the dish by making Butter Chicken Pizza. Spread any leftover Wildly Delicious Butter Chicken on naan, sprinkle your favourite cheese on top and pop it in the oven until cheese is melted. For an added flavour adventure, sprinkle fresh cilantro on top. Enjoy! 


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Welcome to the New CobblestoneKitchenware.com

In October of last year Cobblestone Kitchenware announced that there would be a few new changes to our image.

  • We changed our operating logo so customers would easily identify us as a Kitchenware store.
  • We created a new website so customers could find us easily online
  • A few weeks later we updated our store sign to the new logo so customers would easily identify our store front.
  • Then we focused on bringing our in store bags up to date so customers would feel like they had a complete experience when shopping at our store.
  • We added an in store Kiosk so we can show videos of exactly how our products work.
  • Finally we've changed our aprons so you can easily find help when you are shopping.

All said and done we are completely updated to the new look, we like it, and we hope you do too!

One of the biggest things we heard when customers talked to us about our website was that they loved seeing the brands we carry. So we've redesigned the site with image and video content.

We hope you have a look around our Homepage features some of our latest and greatest items. Our About page highlights who we are, and what you can expect from us. We've made it so you can easily find us or contact us through our Location page. You'll get the latest news on our Blog and you can Discover the great brands we carry on our Brands page. 



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